Matthew S Collins

2305 1st Ave #214 - Seattle, WA 98121
Mobile: (206) 355-6919 - lankfactor at gmail (dot) com
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Skills and Competencies

Live Sound Reinforcement
Skills include solid knowledge of configuration, gain structure, and tuning of a professional PA system. Stage crew, stage patch, and multiple bands with clean and efficient set changes. Front of House (FOH) and monitor engineering. Experienced on several different live sound mixing desks including Yamaha PM Series, Ramsa 840, Midas Venice, Crest X-Eight, Allen & Heath GL Series, various Mackie and Soundcraft desks.

Monitor Engineering
Skills include configuration and operation of a professional monitor system, creation and active management of multiple monitor mixes in various configurations including festival input and multiple band scenarios. Monitor desks include Ramsa 840, Midas Venice, Allen & Heath Mixmaster, Soundcraft 200B, Mackie 1604.

Multi-track Recording and Mixing
Skills include studio configuration, signal flow, troubleshooting, and the use of small and large format analog and digital consoles in conjunction with outboard processing gear and pre-amplifiers. Includes additional experience with punch-ins and overdubs, mixing in mono, stereo, and 5.1 surround sound in either studio or digital audio workstation environments with desks like SSL 4000 G+, Euphonix CS3000, Mackie 32x8, Digidesign Control 24, Mackie d8b, and Tascam TM-D1000. Pro Tools, analog tape decks, ADAT, Mackie HDR.

Equipment Experience

Experience includes setup and operation of small and large format analog and digital consoles and PA systems in a live performance environment, drive systems, use of channel equalization, auxiliary and effects sends/returns, insert processing, master section/matrix output, and troubleshooting.

Experience includes proficient use of software such as Pro Tools and Cubase in the creation of multi-track recordings. Experience also includes 5.1 surround sound mixing, two-track recordings, extensive use of automation, and digital editing techniques. Operation of Pro Tools LE, and HD systems using MBox, 888 i/o, Digi 001 and 002 racks, 192 interfaces, Apogee Rosetta 800 for A/D - D/A and additional i/o. Sound Forge, Acid, Vegas, WaveLab.

Work Experience

Carlson Audio Systems - Contract Engineer - Seattle, WA - 6/2006-Present
FOH mixing and monitors from FOH, stage management and patch, system design and consulting, system technician, troubleshooting, and customer service. Experience with large and small format productions, house of worship operations, corporate event operations, and system configuration.

High Dive - House Engineer - Seattle, WA - 5/2006-Present
FOH mixing and monitors from FOH, stage management in multiple band scenarios, PA and monitor system tuning in a club environment, and troubleshooting. Midas Venice.

Outdoor Research - Receiving/Inventory Ctrl Coordinator - Seattle, WA - 2003-Present
Duties include teamwork, receiving management, raw material inventory control, warranty, finished goods quality control, procedure development, warehouse operations, forklift operation, new-hire training, attention to detail, accountability, and group/email communication. Applications: MS Word & Excel, Windows XP.

Artists and Projects

FOH - Reggie Watts & Das Rut, Shawn Smith, B-Shorty (Blake Lewis), Cat Empire, Clinton Fearon, Miss Solar System, Soul Provider, Emilia Sosa, Special Purpose, Ice Age Cobra

Monitors - Clinton Fearon, KJ Sawka, Mofius, Ms. Led, Dub Championz, Yuri’s Night World Party 2006, Faculty of Dub, Johnny Horn (KEXP), Bethurum Collective

System Design - Social Living Productions; Tokyo 2025(2006), Revenge of Tokyo 2025(2006), and 4 Seasons(2007)

Education and Awards

The Art Institute of Seattle
Associate of Applied Arts in Audio Production - March 2006
Dean's List - 2004-2006